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Welcome to your very own go-to-place on our Web site...where there's is plenty of fun and interesting stuff to learn! More>>>

Marianjoy Pediatric Program

At Marianjoy, we recognize the unique needs of pediatric patients. Learn more about Marianjoy and Information Connections watch our video


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Images of children used throughout the Web site are not associated with a particular developmental disability. We hope that you will enjoy the happy faces of children that we see at Marianjoy.

Last updated April 2, 2015






Welcome to Information Connections!!!

Information Connections is a website for parents of children with developmental disabilities and chronic diseases. The project was funded by the National Library of Medicine. It is a collaborative effort led by Marianjoy Medical Library Director and Webmaster with input from Dr. Mary Keen, Director of the Marianjoy Pediatric Program and the parents of children affected by developmental disabilities. Having timely access to high quality and reliable resources helps parents make informed health decisions.

Resources of the Month
  • The Autism Program (TAP) The Autism Program of Illinois Service Network serves and supports persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families through a coordinated network of providers, parents, and university programs while developing, utilizing, and sharing best and promising practices.

In the News
National Autism Awareness Month
Autism Society
National Autism Awareness Month represents an excellent opportunity to promote autism awareness, autism acceptance and to get one step closer to a society where those with ASDs are truly valued for their unique talents and gifts. More>>>
Autism Image

Term of the Month
  • What Is an Autistic Savant?
    Written by Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D.
    "Autistic savant" refers to individuals with autism who have extraordinary skills not exhibited by most persons. Historically, individuals with these exceptional skills were called 'idiot savants,' a French term meaning unlearned (idiot) skill (savant). In a 1978 article in Psychology Today, Dr. Bernard Rimland introduced a more appropriate term 'autistic savant,' which is the current label. More>>>

Special Needs Book Review

All I Can Handle: I'm No Mother Teresa: A Life Raising Three Daughters with Autism
By Kim Stagliano and Jenny McCarthy
Oct 1, 2011

Kim Stagliano has authored a novel and two books on parenting daughters with autism. She is managing editor of Age of Autism.

You may purchase the book from Amazon

What are developmental disabilities?
To find detailed information about developmental disabilities, please go to the following Web sites:
Targeting Autism 2015 Survey
The Illinois State Library has received a $100,000.00 National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to hold two inter-organizational forums to provide community libraries with information on needs, priorities, and interests around ASD in order to guide the development and delivery of ASD information services. Please take the Survey and share the survey link below with your friends and family. http://maps.waymarksystems.org/s3/Targeting-Autism-2015-consent