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Welcome to your very own go-to-place on our Web site...where there's is plenty of fun and interesting stuff to learn! More>>>

Marianjoy Pediatric Program

At Marianjoy, we recognize the unique needs of pediatric patients. Learn more about Marianjoy and Information Connections watch our video


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Images of children used throughout the Web site are not associated with a particular developmental disability. We hope that you will enjoy the happy faces of children that we see at Marianjoy.

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Welcome to Information Connections!!!

Information Connections is a website for parents of children with developmental disabilities and chronic diseases. The informative website was developed by the Marianjoy Medical Library with funding from the National Library of Medicine.. More>>>
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Learning Disabilities:Videos Videos The National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) Helpful information about learning disabilities videos, podcasts and more- are right at your fingertips.


What are developmental disabilities?
To find detailed information about developmental disabilities, please go to the following Web sites:

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  • Alphabet Soup : A Glossary of Terms and Acronyms in Special Education. More>>>
    National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO)

Special Needs Book Review

When The School Says No, How to Get the Yes! Securing Special Education Services for Your Child
by Vaughn K. Lauer - See more at:
Paperback, October 21, 2013
Available at Amazon.
For many families getting the special education services their child with a disability needs in their community school is often time consuming and confusing. When The School says No! How to Get the Yes! is the book parents can turn to for guidance.